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Touting Surface 2, Microsoft ironically makes a business case for Chromebooks


Check the latest blog post from Microsoft’s Surface Team and you’ll see a compelling case for using the Surface 2(s msft) in the enterprise. The company suggests Surface 2 is the most productive tablet for business, in fact. And I can understand why: The device is relatively locked down, works with the Microsoft Office productivity suite and supports USB 3.0 peripherals. With the Windows 8.1 RT software update, Microsoft’s(s msft) case is even stronger thanks to three highlighted features.

Ironically, they’re all features available on Google(s goog) Chromebooks and Chromeboxes as well.

Surface 2 Windows

The Surface team pointed out these three features as the “top three” that make Surface 2 ready for the enterprise:

  1. Remote Application Access. Surface 2 can remotely connect to another Windows computer so that users can access and use legacy Windows apps. These won’t run on Surface 2 natively because they’re built for x86 chips, not the ARM(s…

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